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Drought Information

Emergency Water Conservation Regulations

Save Our Water

Beginning June 10, 2022, the State of California is requiring all Urban Water Suppliers to implement Level 2 of Water Shortage Contingency Plan to reduce demand up to 20 percent.  The guidelines outlined below are being implemented by the District to meet Level 2 water conservation efforts:

Potable Water Customers:

Watering schedule
  • Property address ending in an odd-number landscape irrigation is limited to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;
  • Property address ending in an even-number landscape irrigation is limited to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday;
  • Landscape irrigation is prohibited on Monday;
  • Wasting water is not allowed; including water running off properties onto sidewalks or gutters, leaks or breaks not being repaired in a timely manner and ponding of water;
  • Hose shutoff nozzles are required;
  • Swimming pools or spas are required to be covered;
  • Decorative water features are prohibited; and
  • Restaurants may only serve water upon request.

Irrigation Customers:

  • Irrigation season ends September 30, 2023.

The following resources are available to become more educated about your water use and water conservation methods:

Gallons per day example

For additional information please contact Water Resources Manager, Alexis Elliott at or (530) 333‑4356, ext, 102.  The District appreciates efforts to conserve water during this period.