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WaterSmart Customer Portal

Want to know how much water you use or see and pay your bill online? Get everything you need at

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As part of the larger Automated Meter Replacement Project, the District has partnered with WaterSmart Software to offer customers with a modern digital portal where you can access detailed information about your household water use.  You can reach the portal on your mobile device or web browser at
This free online service is part of our commitment to provide you with the best tools to understand and manage your water use, avoid costly water leaks and potential water damage, receive critical notifications from the District, and make sure you get the most value from every drop of water you use on your property.  Key features include:

  • View your historical water use;
  • Check for unusual or excessive water use which could indicate a leak and use the Leak Resolution Process to help pinpoint the source and fix your leak;
  • Sign up for water use notifications;
  • View and pay your bill and see your balance and bill history;
  • Add users to your account (e.g., renter, family member, etc.);
  • Adjust your communications settings (the default is email but you can choose to receive text or voice notifications);
  • Explore water conservation techniques and seasonal offers and incentives; and
  • Update contact information to receive emergency water service notifications.

If you need assistance, please contact us at (530) 333-4356, or visit our website,  We hope you find this new service helpful and informative!
Georgetown Divide Public Utility District