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Irrigation Canal Water

Irrigation ditch
Irrigation canal

GDPUD delivers untreated water from over 70 miles of open ditches, canals, conduits, and flumes. This water is not “potable” or of a quality suitable for human consumption.

With 18 service routes, there is roughly 632 miner’s inch total capacity. In a normal year, the Irrigation season runs from  May 1 to September 30. The season is adjusted according to water resources available which staff monitors monthly (bills are adjusted accordingly).

2022 Seasonal Irrigation Rate Schedule

  • ½ Miner's inch  = $84.80 per month (pipelines only)
  • 1 0r more Miner's inches = $169.60 per Miner's inch per month

1 Miner's Inch (m.i.) is equivalent to:  

  • = 11.22 gallons per minute     
  • = 673 gal. per hour    
  • = 16,157 gal. per day   
  • = 494,000 gal. per month                   
  • = 2,500,000 gallons per 5 month season

Irrigation is an advanced bi-monthly billing structure, Allotments are required to be used continuously.

For more information contact: Adam Brown, Operations Manager, abrown@gd-pud,org or call (530) 333-4356