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The GDPUD declares policy and standards related to water management, water conservation, septic installation and maintenance guidelines in the form of Ordinances. 

Current Ordinances are available on this website. If you are interested in a particular subject matter you do not see here, contact our office at (530) 333-4356.

Ordinance  2024-01 Irrigation Rules and RegulationsOrdinance 2023-04 Irrigation Rules and Regulations.pdfOrrdinance 2023-03 Direct Charges.pdfOrdinance 2023-02 ADU Water Connections.pdfOrdinance 2023-01 Water Theft Ordinance.pdf2202-02 Revising Delinquency Rates and Related Fees.pdf2022-01 Certification of Annual Assessment Levies.pdf2021-01 Certification of Assessments and Charges Updated 2021-07-20 for Publication.pdf2020-01 Annual Assessment Levies.pdf2019-01 Certification of Assessments and Charges.pdf2018-01 Assessment Levies2017-02 Changing the Method of Director at-large Election2017-01 Assessment Levies2016-03 Annual Assessment Levies2016-02 Reduction in Water Connection Fee for Second Meter Ordinance2016-01 Water Connection Fee Waiver2015-02 Theft of Water and Tampering with District Facilities2015-01 Annual Assessment Levies2014-01 Annual Assessment Levies2013-01 Annual Asessment Levies2012-01 Annual Assessment Levies2011-03 Tax Ordinance2011-02 Revising Delinquency Rates and Related Fees2011-01 Revising the Board of Directors Compensation Rates2010-01 Annual Assessment Levies2009-01 Annual Assessment Levies2008-02 Annual Assessment Levies2008-01 Directors Compensation2007-02 Annual Assessment Levies2007-01 Establishing Capital Facility Fees and Capacity Connection Charges2006-02 Annual Assessment Levies2006-01 Retiree Health Benefits2005-05 Directors Health Benefits and Compensation2005-04 Parcel Split Pmts for Engr Rpts2005-03 Annual Assessment Levies2005-02 Delinquency Rates.pdf2005-01 Irrigation Service Rules and Regulations2004-03 Directors Compensation and Expenses2004-02 Annual Assessment Levies2004-01 Irrigation Ordinance2003-01 Annual Assessment Levies2002-01 Annual Assessment Levies2002-01 Annual Assessment Levies1983-02 Amending Rates, Rules and Regulations for Water Service1982-01 Rates, Rules and Regulations for Water Service1991-05 Cross Connection Control Program.pdf