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2020 Resolutions

2020-01 Purchase of Back-Up Generator for District Office.pdf2020-02_Approval of Appointment of Director to EDCWA.pdf2020-03 Discontinuation of Residential Service Policy.pdf2020-04 Revised Board Policy 5020.docx2020-06 Debt Policy - 2140.pdf2020-07 Amendments to FY 19-20 Operating Budget.pdf2020-08 Freezing Rates.pdf2020-09 PSA for Project Manager with Coastland.pdf2020-10 Reimbursement for ACWA Spring Conference.pdf2020-11 Amendment 5 to PSA with George Sanders.pdf2020-12 NOC for ALT.pdf2020-13 Recoating of Spanish Dry Diggins Storage Tank.pdf2020-14 Filing of NOC for 2018 Main Canal Reliability Project.pdf2020-15 Reappointment of Ken Pauley to Finance Committee.pdf2020-16 Construction Costs Related with the Installation of Electrical Meters.pdf2020-17 Financing Agreement from the State Water Resources Control Board.pdf2020-18 Amended PSA with Eide Bailly.pdf2020-19 Social Media Policy.pdf2020-20 Increase to Change Order Authority.pdf2020-21 Declaration of the 2020 Projected Water Year.pdf2020-22 Approval of Irrigation Applicatations for the 2020 Irrigation Season.pdf2020-23 Districts Participation in CalWARN Mutual Assistance Agreement.pdf2020-24 Waiving of Late Fees on Utility Bills for Customers Impacted by COVID-19.pdf2020-25 Resolution Approving Water Transfer (CW093870-2xDCB25).pdf2020-26 SandersContract Resolution .pdf2020-27 ALTWTPP Change Order Authority Resolution.pdf2020-28 Recognition for George Sanders.pdf2020-29 Recognition for Gloria Omania.pdf2020-30 PSA for ALT Community Disposal System.pdf2020-30 PSA for ALT Community Disposal System.pdf2020-31 Declaration of Election to be held in Jurisdiction Consolidation w other District Elections.pdf2020-32 Setting a Date for Public Hearing Prop 4.pdf2020-33 Ad Hoc Grant Support Advisory Committee.pdf2020-34 PSA with Gloria Omania.pdf2020-35 Prop 4 Appropriations Limitation.pdf2020-36 Organizational Chart Change.pdf2020-37 WaterSmart Grant.pdf2020-38 CIP Approval.pdf