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2021 Resolutions

2021 Resolution Log2021-01_Resolution Commendation for Dave Souza.pdf2021-02 Nomination of Representative to LAFCO Resolution.pdf2021-03-Freezing Water Rates.pdf2021-04 Change of Signator Authority.pdf2021-05-Adopted Revised Policy 4040.pdf2021-06 Commendation for Cynthia Garcia.pdf2021-07 Adopt Policy 5020-02.pdf2021-08 Nomination to ACWA Region 3 Board.pdf2021-09 Approve Contract with Doug Veerkamp.pdf2021-10 Approve WaterSMART Grant Application.pdf2021-11 Election of Vice President 2021.pdf2021-12 Change of Signator Authority.pdf2021-13 2021 Georgetown Kids Fishing Derby.pdf2021-14 Declaring 2021 Projected Water Year.pdf2021-15 Approving 2021 Irrigation Applications.pdf2021-16 Reestablishment of Finance Committee.pdf2021-17 Approving Purchase of Generator.pdf2021-18 Approving SRF Loan Agreement for AMR Project (CW104178xDCB25).pdf2021-19_Appointment of Public Members to Finance Committee.pdf2021-20_Approving Reimbursements for ACWA Spring Conference.pdf2021-21 Adoption of 2020 UWMP.pdf2021-22 LAFCO Special District Representative Ballot.pdf2021-23 ACWA Region 4 Nomination.pdf2021-24 Setting Date for Prop 4 Public Hearing.pdf2021-25 Approval of FY 2021-2022 Interim Budget.pdf2021-26 Appointment of Darrell Creeks as Interim GM - corrected.pdf2021-27 Change of Signator Authority.docx --.pdf2021-28 Affirming Employment Agreement with Adam Coyan w_ATT.pdf2021-29 LSL PSA Amendment.pdf2021-30 PACE Supply Agreement.pdf2021-31 Amendment 1 to Omania PSA.pdf2021-32 Prop 4 Appropriations Limitation.pdf2021-33 Change of Signatory Authority.docx2021-34 2021 Special District Leadership Academy.pdf2021-35 Approval of Contract JM Environmental.pdf2021-37 Declaring End of Irrigation Season.pdf2021-38 Accepting Don Waltz Resignation from Finance Committee.pdf2021-39 Approval of 2021-22 Operating Budget.pdf2021-40 Ballot ACWA Region 3 Board.pdf2021-41 Approving District Policy 2021-0914 for Finance Role and Responsibilities.pdf2021-42 Contract Award with Ferguson Waterworks.pdf2021-43 Award Contract to JM Environmental.pdf2021-44 Nomination of SD Rep to LAFCO.pdf2021-45 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings 10.1-10.31.2021.docx.pdf2021.46 Approving Job Description for General Manager W_ATT.pdf2021-47 ACWA Fall Conf Expense Reimbursement Approval.pdf2021-49 Approval of RFP for CPA Services.pdf2021-50 Authorizing Teleconference Meeting for period December 1-31, 2021 in Accordance with AB 361.pdf2021-51 Approving Amended Organizational Chart with Chart.pdf2021-52 Election of SD Rep to LAFCO.pdf2021-53 Appointment of Alternate to JPIA.pdf2021-54 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings December.pdf2021-55 Honoring Darrell Creeks.pdf2021-56 Freezing Treated Water and Irrigation Rates.pdf2021-57 Support for CABY Grant.pdf