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2022 Resolutions

2022-03 Adopting FY 2021-2022 Strategic Plan.pdf2022-01 Resolution Election of Officers 2022.pdf2022-02 Staff Appreciation.pdf2022-04 Approving Omania PSA-.pdf2022-05 Approving Darrell Creeks PSA.pdf2022-06 Appointing Representative and Alternate to JPIA.pdf2022-07 Authorizing Grant Application DWR 2021 UMDR Grant Program.pdf2022-08 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings February 2022.pdf2022-09 Reinstatement of Shut-off Policy.pdf2022-10 Appointment of Public Member to Irrigation Committee.pdf2022-11 Appointmentof Public Member to Finance Committee.pdf2022-12 Appointing Alternate to the E; Dorado Water Agency Board.pdf2022-13 Authorizing Submittal of CalFire Grant.pdf2022-14 Conducting Meetings by Teleconference.pdf2022-15 Creating a Retired Annuitant - Limited Term position.pdf2022-16 Authorizing PSA LSL CPAs.pdf2022-17 Apt of Public Member to Finance Committee.pdf2022-18_Apt of Public Member to Irrigation Committee.pdf2022-19 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings per AB361.pdf2022-20 Approving Expense Reimbursement for ACWA Spring Conference. SIGNED.pdf2022-21 Kids Fishing Derby 2022.pdf2022-22 Approving Amendment to Policy 2021-1012 Role and Responsibilities of the Finance Committee, Membership SIGNED.pdf2022-23 Approving Annual Fund Transfer.pdf2022-24 Approving Projected Water Year.pdf2022-25 Approving Applications for the 2022 Irrigation Season.pdf2022-26 Approving RFP for ALT Paving Project.pdf2022-29 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings May 2022.pdf2022-27 Approving PSA for Asset Management Software.pdf2022-28 Authorizing WaterSMART Grant Application.pdf2022-29 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings May 2022.pdf2022-30 MOU American River Watershed Survey.pdf2022-31 Declaring a Consolidated General Election.pdf2022-32 Changing the November Reg Meeting Date.pdf

2022-33-Public Hearing for Proposition 4 Appropriations Limit Date VOID

2022-34 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings June 2022 APPROVED.pdf2022-35 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings July 2022 SIGNED.pdf2022-36 Approving FY 22-23 Budget SIGNED.pdf2022-37 Approving CIP SIGNED.pdf2022-38 Approve Level 2 Emergency Water Conservation SIGNED.pdf2022-39 Approve Capital Facilities Charges SIGNED.pdf2022-40 Approve Meter Installation Fees SIGNED.pdf2022-41 Approving Bennett Engineering PSA SIGNED.pdf2022-42 RFQ for CEQA Consulting Services SIGNED.pdf2022-43 Approving Participation in 4th of July Parade SIGNED.pdf2022-44 Authorizing Teleconference Meetings August 2022.pdf2022-45 CSDA Leadership Academy Conference.pdf2022-46 Sierra Asphalt-ALT Paving Project.pdf2022-47 Establishing Appropriations Limit Amount.pdf