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Irrigation Service

Irrigation ditch
Irrigation canal

The annual irrigation season deliveries non-potable water to customers of the Divide.  Irrigation water is conveyed from Stumpy Meadows through approximately 70 miles of canals, ditches, conduits, and flumes to the communities of Georgetown, Garden Valley, Kelsey, Greenwood, Cool, and Pilot Hill.

The conveyance system capacity allows for the delivery of roughly 632 miner's inches during each irrigation season.  A total of 18 segments or routes are designated throughout the system, each having a maximum delivery allotment, totaling 632 miner's inches.

Irrigation season typically occurs between May and September of each year.  The season may be adjusted by the Board of Directors annually.

The 2023 Irrigation Season is scheduled to operate from June 1 to October 31

2023 Seasonal Irrigation Rate Schedule

  • ½ Miner's inch  = $77.00 per month (pipelines only)
  • 1 or more Miner's inches = $154.20 per Miner's inch per month

1 Miner's Inch (m.i.) is equivalent to:  

  • = 11.22 gallons per minute     
  • = 673 gal. per hour    
  • = 16,157 gal. per day   
  • = 494,000 gal. per month                   
  • = 2,500,000 gallons per 5-month season

Irrigation is an advanced bi-monthly billing structure, Allotments are required to be used continuously.

For more information contact: Adam Brown, Operations Manager, abrown@gd-pud,org or call (530) 333-4356