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2023 Resolutions

2023-01_Authorizing Teleconference Meetings January 2023..pdf2023-02_Approving MCWRA Ballot.pdf2023-03_Adjust Sweetwater Treatment Plant 20222023 CIP Budget.pdf2023-04 Investment Policy.pdf2023-05 Resolution Financial Advisor.pdf2023-06 Wildfire Safety Resolution.pdf2023-07 Approve Sale of Surplus Items.pdf2023-08 Temporary Mobile Home Permit.pdf2023-09 Optional Backflow Certification Services.pdf2023-10 Approving Water Transfer Consultant.pdf2023-11 Approve ACWA Spring Conference.pdf2023-12 CSDA Nomination.pdf2023-13 LAFCO Nomination.pdf2023-14 JPIA Nomination.pdf2023-15 IIPP Policy.pdf2023-16 Teleconferencing Policy.pdf2023-17 Federal Advocacy Services.pdf2023-18 UWMP & Water Shortage Contingency Plan Revisions.pdf2023-19 Approving Irrigation Applications.pdf2023-20 FEMA Assistance Submission Authorization.pdf2023-21 Adopting Policy 2170 Leakage Consideration.pdf2023-22 Authorize G.M. to Submit Statements on Support and Opposition for Legislation.pdf2023-23 Kids Fishing Derby.pdf2023-24 Charlotte Miller Appointment to Finance Committee.pdf2023-25 LAFCO Ranked Voting.pdf2023-26 William Gorenc Appointment to Finance Committee.pdf2023-27 Adopting Policy 2135, Procurement Policy.pdf2023-28 Declaring Water Year.pdf2023-29 Adopting Policy 4210 Standards of Conduct Board Meetings.pdf2023-30 Nominating Saunders for ACWA Chair.pdf2023-31 Nominating Saunders for ACWA VP.pdf2023-32 Prop 4 Public Hearing Date.pdf2023-33 Approving Irrigation Service APN 073-020-045.pdf2023-34 Board Compensation, Expense, Reimbursments and Travel Allowance.pdf2023-35 Approving the Operating Budget FY 2023-24.pdf2023-36 Approving CIP FY 2023-36.pdf2023-37 Setting FY 2023-24 Prop 4 Appropriations Limitation.pdf  2023-38 Adopting Policy 2220 Temporary Water Use.pdf  2023-39 Resignation of Charlotte Miller from the FInance Committee.pdf  2023-40 Adopting Policy 5030 Water Transfer_0001.pdf2023-41 Adoping Policy 2320 Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention.pdf  2023-42 Adopting Policy 2415 Social Media Use.pdf  2023-43 Removing Eric Mead from Irrigation Committee.pdf  2023-44 Approving Organizational Chart.pdf  2023-45 Accepting Financial Statements for FY Ending June 30, 20222023-46 Establishing Ad Hoc Labor Committee2023-47 Affirming First Amendment to Employment Contract General Manager Nicholas Schneider 2023-48 Amedning Policy 2135 Procurment Policy 2023-49 Accepting Compensation and Staffing Study by Slaon Sakai Management Solutions 2023-50 Authorizing Contract with Blain Stumpf for Gravel Purchase 2023-51 Approving CIP FY2023-24-2027-28_2023-52 Approving Annual Fund Transfer2023-53 Adopting Policy 1010 Board and Staff Communication_.pdf2023-54 Adopting Policy 1045 Legal Counsel and Auditor_0001.pdf2023-55 Adopting Policy 4060 Ethics Training for Board Members.pdf2023-56 Adopting Policy 4100 Members of the Board of Directors.pdf2023-57 Adopting Policy 2216 Vehicle Replacement.pdf2023-58 Adopting Policy 1000 Gudlines for the Development, Adoption and Amendment Policies_0001.pdf2023-59 Adopting Policy 2200 Disposal of Surplus Property or Equipment_0001.pdf2023-60 Adopting Policy 2190 Employee Expense Reimbursement_0001.pdf2023-61 Adopting Policy 2105 Asset Protection and Fraud Prevention_0001.pdf