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2024 Resolutions

2024-01 Approving Amendments to the FY 2023-24 Operating Budget.pdf2024-02 Adoptin Policy 2215 Asset Managment.pdf2024-03 Adopting Policy 2405 Press Relations2024-04 Reso Expanding Zone Loan Program.pdf2024-05 Adopting Policy 4240 Board Member Teleconferencing.pdf2024-07 Establishing Hardship Qualification Metrics for the ALT Loan Program.pdf2024-08 Approving Heavy Equipment Purchase for the FIre Safe on the Divide Grant Program.pdf2024-09 LAFCO Annexation of APN 088-031-016.pdf2024-10 Establishing the Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Meeting.pdf2024-11 Adoption of the 2024 Meeting Calendar Establishing Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors and Standing Committees_0001.pdf2024-12 Adopting Policy 2440 Requests for Public Documents_0001.pdf2024-13 Adopting Policy 4205 Board Meeting Agenda_0001.pdf2024-14 Adopting Policy 2180 Low Income Assistance_0001.pdf2024-15 Adopting Policy 4240 Minutes of the Board Meetings_0001.pdf2024-16 Approving the Equipment Surplus List.pdf2024-17 Approving Nomination of Nicholas Schneider to California Special District Association Board (CSDA)_0001.pdf2024-18 Awarding Construction Contract with Mesa Energy Systems Inc. for Desigin and Installation of Emergency Generators at Pump Stations.pdf2024-19 Adopting Policy 2330 Inclement Weather_0001_0001.pdf2024-20 Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Resource Economics for a Cost of Service Analysis in an Amount not to Exceed $105,000._0001.pdf2024-21 Approving Purchase of Dump Truck and Amending the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).pdf2024-22 Approving Kids Fishing Derby Lake Walton Use2024-23 Adopting Updated Investment Policy.pdf2024-24 Approving Amended Equipment Suplus List2024-25 Approving Irrigation Applications for the 2024 Irrigation Season.pdf2024-26 Adopting Policy 4105 Filing of Vacancies on the Board of DIrectors2024-27 Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with ECORP for Environmental Consulting Services_0001.pdf2024-28 Declaring the Projected Water Year_0001.pdf2024-29 Authorizing Contract with Western Hydraulics in an Amount not to Exceed $172,000.2024-30 Authorzing Amended Contract with Bennett Engineering in an Amount not to Exceed $795,000._0001.pdf2024-31 Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Lance, Soll and Lunghand (LSL) in an Amount not to Exceed $160,000._0001.pdf2024-32 Amending the Reserve Policy 2225.pdf2024-32 Amending the Reserve Policy 2225_0001.pdf2024-33 Nominating Mitch MacDonald to the California Water Insurance Fund Board_.pdf