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Financial Transaction Reports

Under Government Code Section 12463, all districts, other than school districts, are required to annually furnish reports of financial transactions to the California State Controller’s Office in the California State Controller’s Office’s prescribed time, form, and manner.

The purpose of the Special Districts Financial Transactions Report to the California State Controller is to provide financial data about California districts on a uniform basis. The data compiled from this financial report are published in an “open data” platform on the California State Controller's website at for use by the State Legislature, districts, and the public.

The open data website is updated on or before November 1st of each year following the end of the annual reporting period. The California State Controller’s Office allows governmental agencies to provide unaudited financial data for this purpose. To access the Financial Transactions Report for Georgetown Divide Public Utility District, please click on the link below:

Financial Transactions Report for the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District

SCO Financial Transaction Report FY 2016-17 SCO Financial Transaction Report FY 2017-18SCO Financial Transaction Report FY 2018-19SCO Financial Transaction Report FY 2019-20SCO Financial Transaction Report FY 2020-21SCO Financial Transaction Report FY  2021-22